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For Anyone who wants to FEEL more connected to themselves, find their Community of like-minded people, and connect to something Bigger


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I’ll show you how to step into the Expression of who you REALLY are, find YOUR community of like-minded people, and get spiritually Connected in a fun, practical, and pleasurable way so you can live without limits and experience the amazing “unrealistic” Dreams that you tucked away a long time ago.


Why Get Connected?

  • Imagine having the confidence to Say, Do, and Be whatever you want!
  • To not worry about hurting other people’s feelings or getting the external “OK” whether it’s a person or an event that needs to take place) to take action on the expression that is just bubbling in you, dying to come out.
  • You will feel so empowered by your inner connection that it feels like you have an attraction magnet that draws to you the very thing you seek with ease and grace.
  • You have an awareness of why every pain and illness has manifested, and you can see the path to self-healing. This is truly what it’s like being connected to one’s self!

You are clear about what it is you REALLY want, and you have the inner compass that guides you to the next right action. You have cultivated an ability to be so intimate with your body that it starts to talk to you.

  • Do you have a need for belonging, to be seen for the TRUE you (warts and all) and feel supported in your current relationships?
  • Do you desire to find a community of like-minded folks?
  • What would life be like if you could Be completely yourself with friends, romantic partners, colleagues, groups, etc.?

When you become connected to yourself you will find others that see life this way too.  Suddenly playing Big doesn’t feel so lonely.

  • Open the doorway to inner peace and you will feel a sense of how you fit into this world and how you are divinely supported in every moment.
  • You have an ability to navigate life from an empowered place with courage and strength because of your awareness.
  • You see that everything is part of a divine plan and that humans are intricately connected with what’s beyond.

Life becomes like an exciting movie where you nestle into a comfortable seat, watching in awe as things unfold.
This is the Ultimate connection.

IMG_3178I know what it feels like to have been someone who was successful on external terms but yearned for something deeper. I also know what it feels like to have experienced that sublime feeling of presence seeing the world with love-filled goggles and not having it last before reality sank in again. Then getting to a place where I could feel that inner peace in my own sanctuary but being “human” felt challenging—finding friends who understood what I was going through, being able to be true to myself yet pay the bills, and do my part as a wife and a mother. Transition and growth can be lonely. I have worked with so many brave souls willing to show up for a better life and often feel isolated without the support of family and/friends that aren’t ready to step up. So I have created something special for you:



Here’s the Deal…… 

Inner-work and the spiritual path often have a reputation for being serious, sad, and/or boring. So I don’t blame folks for not wanting to go down that path. But there has to be something to it otherwise there wouldn’t be such a big movement towards consciousness, right??


On the other hand, you may have been on the path for a VERY long time and life kind of feels like a struggle right now. Perhaps you feel great on your mediation pillow, but showing up in the “real world” just doesn’t feel fun.

After reading 100s of books, watching videos, attending retreats/workshops, lots of Oprah, practicing every tool from tapping to affirmations to Kundalini yoga, hours meditating, journaling, clearings, and attunements (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, I have something for you too, so don’t worry!), I finally felt good on the spiritual path.

In fact, I had struggled in a way that I didn’t when I wasn’t committed to this path and living my life as a professional.

There were some missing links about spirituality for example, a big piece to this path is pleasure – yeah, I’m not kidding!

This is why I believe so many “spiritual” folk are still struggling and why “practical” folk keep chasing external pleasure through success/image/materialism, but end up feeling only temporary happiness before the next fix.

Denial of pleasure makes all this inner work feel like struggle but, it doesn’t have to be that way.  So I created an e-book to share aspects of the path that are often not emphasized but so necessary to living joyfully.

There are so many complicated terms and topics I found it hard to know when to keep a boundary and when to be giving, I kind of wish somebody would all lay it out for me like a practical map.

They say if you can’t find it, create it! So I did:


Here is your map to ease and grace:


I guess this is how my days as a pharmacy professor are coming in handy. In the medical world we use algorithims to summarize the steps necessary to get the outcome wanted with any ailment.

So consider this the step-by-step cure to feeling: lonely, empty, confused, unsatisfied and of course disconnected.

If you want the explanation to this cheat sheet make sure to download my e-book Get Connected a practical guide to unlimited ease and grace where I explain each step to you in simple details.



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My journey to connection……..

It wasn’t too long ago that I could not even give you an opinion about a movie.

Yup, that’s how disconnected I felt!

I experienced a variety of “spiritual awakenings” and had fleeting moments of feeling really good about the life I had created.

FullSizeRender (2)

But the truth came out in 2012 when I decided to fully invest in myself for the first time, and finally, with the help of life coaching I had a big ‘Aha’ moment!

I had overstayed in a job I did not love but that paid the bills, which caused me to feel stuck and unhappy. I didn’t know what I wanted or how to get it, which affected my health, my home-life, and my expression in this world. I didn’t know it then, but I was settling for a mediocre life. I didn’t know that I could want and have more.

In less than one year, I got connected to my TRUE self and finally started to feel expressed in the world, have some peace in my heart, and experience true intimacy with my loved ones.

I went from being a controlling, overachieving, un-present martyr, a physically unfit and lackadaisical mother/wife/professor of pharmacy with debilitating neck/back pain and migraines, to a lighthearted, easygoing, faithful, courageous, adventurous, self-loving, present, strong, balanced family woman, as well as a global entrepreneur, writer, spiritual teacher, and healed healer.

I started just like you are starting—with information.

I discovered websites and blogs and it was like what??? You mean it’s okay for me to live life on my terms? What about bills and what people will say and my family and all the time, $$, and energy I’ve already put into my career? The list of concerns went on and on, to the point that it felt impossible.

hands-413762_1280But it was like this little seed was planted and one thing led to another, as it will with YOU. The fact that you are still reading is the first sign that you are in some kind of alignment and that you have been drawn to this magical world of living Bigger.

I have learned the one thing that determines if people will actually experience the life I just described: COURAGE.

Everyone is called to live the life of their dreams, but few answer that call. Why? I will tell you straight-up: the journey is full of uncertainty.

Many people prefer to live safely and they have that right to—so do you. But let me just share one thing with you. That yearning you feel in your heart never really goes away, but instead, it often gets numbed with addictions.

Whether it’s drugs/alcohol/food/overworking/socialization/shopping/people-pleasing…these are all tactics to keep you small!

FullSizeRenderAs I got more connected, I started to understand and apply Universal Laws, which kicked up my experience of life. Lots of miracles and magical things started to happen.

The same will happen with you, if you stay on the path, you will find what you are looking for and obtain the life of your dreams. How rough or smooth the journey is depends on one thing and that is SUPPORT.

That is what I am here to offer you support through my knowledge and through the Make Your World Bigger community.  I will start off by providing you with the Cliff’s notes version of how to get connected!

Sharing brings me pleasure so I thought I’d share some more fun facts about me and as we get to know one another better I can’t wait to hear your personal fun facts!

Check it out:

  • I married a man I met while traveling 8,000 miles from home. He didn’t speak my language, nor did I speak his.
  • I was born in India but definitely was Latina in a last life as I’m fluent in Spanish, dance some fierce salsa, and I have a South American hubby.
  • I quit my 10-year golden-handcuff job as a professor of pharmacy being the breadwinner of the house with a preemie baby at home because after asking GOD “why?!!!” in the middle of an excruciating migraine I heard a voice say, “You have to quit now!” and so I did……
  • I have traveled to nearly 40 countries as a single woman, with my hubby, with a baby (he has been to a dozen countries and he’s only 3), on mission trips, as a retreat leader both in 5-star luxury hotels and as a backpacker sleeping in jungles, the desert, and on the earthquake-impacted floors.
  • IBook Covert took me 5 months to give myself permission to write my first book “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – Now What? (available on Amazon) which came to me in a dream but only took two weeks to write after I got a magical sign from the Universe
  • We have classic Bollywood dancing parties in my house (almost weekly).
  • My husband tells me that I have no tone at all but I still sing at the top of my lungs whenever I can. I‘d rather sing out of tune than not sing at all!
  • My playlist includes: some serious holy/zen music, old-school rap/reggae, Bollywood, salsa, bossa nova, of course some good ole’ Beyonce for shakin’ the booty, and that random Deepak Chopra meditation that shows up.outdoor-city-image-vertical-2
  • I’ve been an overachieving city girl my whole life and then discovered how much I need nature and naps – so much that I spent the whole summer walking barefoot in the grass and laying under trees.
  • After reading my first spiritual book I quit meat (cold turkey – no pun, hahaha) and stayed a vegetarian for 5 years and then one day said I feel like having chicken, so I ate a sandwich that day (don’t recommend – tough on the tummy) and feel much more spiritual than I did when I was a vegetarian.

Here is a picture of me after I climbed to the top of Cathedral Rock, carrying my son the whole way! (6 years earlier I was 20 lbs. heavier and couldn’t even get halfway up.)


How I can help you:

I help people get congruent

What does that mean?

It means to BE outside who you are Inside in all areas of life


Your career and business reflects YOU

Your personal life reflects YOU


to yourself
to your people
to something BIGGER



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  • 1-on-1  Connection Coaching
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Who do I work with?

People who touch many lives so the ripple affect is profound (or have a vision to do this)

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Much Love,


Dr. Sweta

Here’s to Getting Connected and Living without Limits!
Dr. Sweta