Cagefighter ‘murdered teacher ex after blackmailing her over sex with boy, 15’

A teacher was blackmailed then murdered by her cage fighter ex-boyfriend after he discovered her sexual relationship with a boy of 15, a court heard.

Caroline Kayll, 47, suffered multiple knife injuries to her head, face, body in the brutal attack by martial arts expert Paul Robson, 50.

He denies murder, blackmail and the attempted murder of the 15-year-old boy.

Robson was seen on CCTV ‘prowling’ at her home before he murdered her, cutting off her long, blonde hair then spraying her in ammonia, Newcastle crown court heard.

Robson, wearing heavy boots, may have stamped on her head, causing severe brain injuries, with bruising to her neck and the prosecutor said that she had injuries to her eyelids ‘which may have been caused if she were strangled’, the jury heard.

The court heard the teenager was attacked with scissors upstairs, when Robson warned him: ‘Don’t move or I’ll kill you’ before hitting him over the head twice with a meat cleaver.

Body cam footage taken by the first police officer on the scene was shown to the jury with the boy cowering in the garden, blood covering his head and face.

The boy told police in video testimony that he was upstairs looking at his mobile phone when he heard a commotion downstairs.

“He was braying on the window, that was the first thing I heard,” he said. “I was upstairs… on my phone. I heard banging noises. Then he came upstairs, I saw him in the spare room first.

“He had scissors or something in his hand and he knocked me on my back and came at me. I was saying ‘Whoa, what is this about? But he was not saying anything. He was in silence.

“He got hold of me and stabbed me straight away in the back. I was face down on the bed. I was struggling to get him off then he said ‘Don’t move or I will kill you’. He went straight downstairs and came back with a bigger weapon, a kitchen knife, with a 7in blade with a 3in handle, in his hand.”

The boy received injuries to his hand and was bitten on the arm before Robson ordered him to follow him downstairs, the jury heard.

There, he saw Caroline face down on the floor covered in blood with Robson cutting her hair off. Robson then hit him twice over the head with a ‘full metal cleaver’. he added.

“I am facing him but I go dizzy and I have to lie down against the wall by the fridge,” the teenager, who cannot be identified, told the jury.

“He was saying stuff, then he went next door.” Robson told nurse Barbara Lee, the next door neighbour that Caroline was ‘in a bad way’.

Mrs Lee dashed into the house to find clumps of Caroline’s hair and blood all over the hallway before she performed chest compressions in a bid to save her life, the court heard.

Nick Lumley, prosecuting, told the jury that Robson had blackmailed his former partner.

He said she told a friend she had paid him £35,000. Mr Lumley said this occurred in the days before Robson is accused of travelling from Glasgow to her home in Linton, Northumberland armed with tools, ammonia, a car tracker and a locksmith device ready to break in

“When he arrived he snooped around outside before going in,” said Mr Lumley. “After 20 minutes of so he went to her next door neighbour and said something bad had happened to Caroline.

“Barbara Lee went with Robson and found Caroline on the floor lifeless and covered in blood on her face and on the floor around her.

“Robson had caused her such devastating injuries that her life could not be saved. There was another victim, a 15-year-old boy, who was bloody and bewildered.

“He bore terrible injuries. He had been attacked a number of times with a number of sharp weapons but mercifully in his case he lived.”

Robson, of Wallsend, North Tyneside, denies murder, blackmail and attempted murder.

Barbara and her husband Brian went into the house and found her mortally wounded, with a slash wound to her buttocks.

The jury heard that Caroline had met Robson while she worked as a prison officer in Acklington prison, Northumberland, where he was a prisoner, in 2018.

They began an affair and she split from her husband Ian Kayll, who also worked at the prison, and continued the relationship when Robson was released.

They parted around Sept, 2020, and Robson moved out to Wallsend, the jury heard.

Caroline, who had trained as a teacher, started the relationship with the boy last year.

Mr Lumley added: “Paul Robson had been threatening her that if she did not pay him, then he would ruin her.”

Mr Lumley told the jury that Caroline had been ‘telling white lies’ to friends, neighbours and colleagues’ when the relationship with the teen became sexual.

“She was in her late 40s, and he was 15,” he said. “That may be an affront to the morals of many and of course, it is against the law for an adult to be in such a relationship.

“It is of great significance that the defendant found out, and he did not take it very well…..he was losing his rag.”

The court heard that he threatened to make the relationship public, and Caroline contacted her former husband Ian by text to suggest a meeting shortly before her death on Nov 15 last year.

When he asked why she wanted to meet, she replied: ‘Money’.

Mr Lumley said a series of text messages and bank details showed she had been transferring large sums of money to Robson.

Robson stole his two victims’ phones leaving them no way to call for help, the court heard. “The actions of a vindictive man, but a jealous man as well,” Mr Lumley said.

Robson wanted to use their phones to find out what they had been saying to each other, and posted messages on her Facebook account about the affair with the schoolboy, Mr Lumley said.

Robson also emailed her ex-husband – posing as Mrs Kayll – while she was on a life-support machine in hospital, the court heard.

Mr Kayll told the court receiving the email was “quite chilling”.

Despite having £22,000 in her accounts, she had applied for a loan of £10,500, the court heard. Caroline confided to a close friend Neil Welsh, who came to change locks at her home following a burglary, that Robson had blackmailed her out of £35,000.

Robson was detained five days after Caroline’s murder in Scotland, the jury heard.

They were shown footage of Robson threatening police as he was confronted in a cell by officers from Northumbria who came to arrest him.

He refused to answer police questions but gave a statement in which he described how he was ‘so tired and devastated’.

Mr Lumley said Robson added: “I recall going into Caroline’s house and we were arguing and I was hit from behind on my head and I fell forward and felt something around my throat and feeling all sorts of emotions and feeling sick and scared.

“I felt like everything was unravelling and then I heard Caroline was dead…..I feel broken.”

The jury heard that Robson withdrew £500 using Caroline’s card on the way to Scotland from Northumberland shortly after the killing, and he
deposited large sums of money in various accounts of friends and associates.

He also allegedly used her phone to email her former husband and neighbour Brian Lee making references to her ‘shagging’ a boy of 15.

Under cross-examination the boy agreed they had argued on the day she died over her plans to meet a male friend.

Caroline texted him: “There’s no-one else, I love you.”

James Mulholland QC, defending, asked the teenager a series of questions, suggesting the boy had attacked Caroline, all of which he denied.

The trial continues.